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Stars do not determine character, but have some influence on it. Many people find coincidences when they read about their zodiac sign. The exception is those born on the border when the Sun passes from one constellation to another. In such people, 2 principles are immediately active, which creates chaos in their sense of self and an imbalance of desires, thoughts, actions.

Zodiac Transitional Energy

The moment of change of the “ruling” constellations lasts several days, and the main point shifts every year. For this reason, astrologers distinguish a transition period: it lasts 3 days before the start of the entry of the sign into power and the same after. This time is called “cusp”. People born at this time are considered special – they combine 2 principles.

Transitional signs of the zodiac can be in harmony with each other, paying off the negative features of each other, and can create a serious conflict. The constellation that “rules officially” will always be stronger. So, from April 16 to 19, the person has a cusp Aries-Taurus, but the first will become more active.

The closer the date of birth to the shift point, the more unique the character.

Capricorn Aquarius – Imagination and Controversy

Capricorn Aquarius

The boundaries between these 2 signs are so clear that a person born January 16-22 is under pressure. He has a rich imagination, a high emotional response, but he wants logic and stability from the world. He likes to stand out from the crowd, witty, but serious in the details. All this has a good effect on career growth, but the personal life of such a border sign is difficult. Excessive imagination, impulsiveness can destroy relationships.

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Aquarius Pisces – Sensitivity

Aquarius Pisces

The other border signs of the zodiac are not as eccentric as this combination of 2 creative, smart and emotional constellations. From Pisces, a person receives sensitivity, the desire to follow a dream, from Aquarius – fantasy, intuition and a sharp mind. This helps to achieve serious career success, if you find perseverance, perseverance.

In relationships with others, those born February 15-21 feel incomprehensible. It’s easier for them to break up than trying to build love through power.

Aries Fish – Impulsiveness and Dreaminess

Aries fish

The period from March 17 to March 23 gives the perfect balance of attentiveness to others and perseverance in achieving goals. From Aries, a person receives energy, the desire for success, intelligence, and from Pisces – responsiveness, good imagination. Those born on the verge of these zodiac signs can achieve much in art. They restrain themselves only where it goes against the interests of loved ones. These are good leaders who can hear others..

Aries Taurus – Pursuit of Power

Aries Taurus

People born 16 to 22 april are very strong energetically. They have well-developed leadership qualities, mental abilities, and the typical impulsiveness of Aries dampens the stability of Taurus. It is common for this frontier mark to dream of world domination, a better life, and to deliberately go towards the goal, fulfill obligations, and stand firmly on one’s own. He gushes ideas and knows how to put them into practice.

Taurus Gemini – Energy

Taurus Gemini

This is a very productive sign, under which they are born from May 17 to May 23. It is characterized by creative qualities, the activity of Gemini, which balance the stability, thoughtfulness of Taurus. These are people who are ready to produce something new, to actively study science. Taurus, born May 20, will be easier to start a conversation with others and join the company.

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Twins born on the 21st are ready to receive knowledge not for show, but to put them into practice.

Gemini Cancer – Fun and Entertainment

Gemini Cancer

An energetic and carefree party man is the best characteristic of the Zodiac border sign, which covers the period of June 17-23. Even among strangers, he quickly attracted everyone’s attention. Such people are sensitive, well aware of the mood of others, which helps them easily join the team. It is difficult for twins born on June 20 to distinguish sensations and facts. Born 21, Cancers tend to delve into themselves, analyze feelings.

Leo Cancer – Explosive mood

Lion cancer

This is an unstable zodiac sign with a dual nature. People born 19-19 july sharply feel everything (themselves, others) and at the same time tend to exaggerate the significance of any situation. Those who were born on the 23-25th are more restrained, do not express their emotions so clearly.

Cancers born in the first half of the border period (June 19-22) can boast of sociability and less shyness than they should have.

Leo Virgo – Conflict

Leo Virgo

In the period from August 19 to 25, 2 constellations with poor compatibility affect a person. This provokes mood swings, instability of desires, change of ideas. People born in this border period (especially the 22-23rd) cannot determine for whom they live – for themselves or those around them. They suffer from perfectionism, but they can become playful, frivolous, they want to be independent, but they constantly take care of their loved ones.

Virgo Libra – Mood and Beauty

Virgo Libra

Born 19-19 september people are sensitive, attentive to people around, notice a lot without words, and also differ in the balanced character. This is a very harmonious sign of the zodiac, which loves order, tranquility and “world peace.” Such people try to measure everything with the criterion of “justice”, but do not put pressure on others. The ardent desire for ideal smoothes Libra’s daydreaming, and Virgo supplements the excessive openness of her soul with legibility in connections.

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Scorpio Scales – Tendency to criticize

Scorpio Scales

It is difficult for a person born at the junction of these signs of the zodiac to find his place in the world due to the imbalance inside. Libra’s vain and passive nature intersects with the purposeful and suspicious Scorpio. It is possible to balance them only in work, if a person is completely focused on it.

The benefit of such a border sign is that a person quickly gets to the truth, easily goes to success if he knows what he wants.

Scorpio-Sagittarius – Rebels in the shower

Scorpio Sagittarius

Born in the interval November 18-24, they always try to do the opposite of what is required of them. Such a result gives the difficult nature of Scorpio, who wants to be a leader, an ideal, multiplied by the independence of Sagittarius. These are fearless, entrepreneurial people who like excitement. They remain optimistic, have a good sense of humor in any situation, even when they understand the essence of the problem..

Sagittarius-Capricorn – Leadership

Sagittarius Capricorn

Among the main characteristics of these people are “practicality” and “faith in the best.” From Capricorn, they inherited the ability to take a sober view of life, not waste time, waste time, and determine the right ways to solve the problem. From Sagittarius they received the ability to dream, to strive for freedom, the love of travel.

People born from December 18 to 24, want to fulfill their potential, firmly stand on their feet and make the world a better place, but do not want power.

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