Black dots on the skin of the face – how to get rid of cosmetics and folk remedies at home

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When pores become clogged with sebum and dust particles, they darken and become inflamed. Mostly blockages occur on the nose and in the T-zone of the face, since the glands that produce fat are most active in these areas. The reasons why black dots appear may be different, it is more important to find out what tools exist to remove them, preferably once and for all.

What are black dots

Scientifically, they are called open comedones. In fact, these are clogged pores with sebum, dirt and dust, etc. Comedones can be of different sizes (and small ones, which are difficult to squeeze out, are no better than large ones that spoil the appearance), can become inflamed, then turn into acne. The problem of black dots is medical, therefore, to solve it, it is recommended to seek help from a cosmetologist. However, there are home remedies..

How do they look

Comedones look according to their description – these are dark dots that appear mainly on the nose and in the T-zone (forehead / nose bridge), but can be located on other parts of the face, for example, on the cheeks and chin, or on the body. The problem is especially pronounced for owners of oily or combination skin, and enlarged pores. The visual effect of black pores results from the accumulation of dirt in them. The more trash is clogged, the bigger and darker the dot.

Black dots on a man’s face.

Why do black dots appear

Unlike teenage acne, clogged pores also occur in adulthood. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Hormonal disruptions in the body. At the age of 27-30 there is a sharp decline in estrogen blood, due to which sebum begins to be secreted in a larger amount than before. Some hormones can lead to hormonal disruptions..
  • Improper care. Flavored makeup products and improperly selected cosmetics have a negative effect. Greasy creams can clog pores. Drying preparations can dry the skin, which is why it will begin to secrete more fat in response. In addition, if you neglect regular facial cleansing every evening and every morning (not necessarily expensive tonics, but minimal care, washing and complete removal of make-up before bedtime should take place), the skin will begin to get dirty.
  • Improper nutrition. The abuse of spicy, salty and fatty foods (especially fast food), coffee, energy, alcoholic beverages leads to the active work of the sebaceous glands.
  • Smoking. Tobacco has a bad effect on the skin condition. It is recommended to limit or completely exclude it.
  • Sweating. This function can be adjusted: do not paint on hot days, use thermal water, do not wear clothes made of synthetic fabrics.
  • Ecology. The air in megacities is more polluted than in villages. The solution is simple: cleanse your face as often as possible.

How to get rid of black dots

To find an effective way to get rid, you need to find out the cause of the appearance. Only by solving the initial problem, it will be possible to cleanse the face of black dots once and for all. The methods of struggle are as follows:

  • Homemade cleansing face masks. They are made on the basis of drying and antibacterial components – lemon juice, kefir, chamomile broth. The effect is noticeable after several repetitions.
  • Extrusion. This is a simple, but painstaking, painful work, which is recommended to be done once every two weeks. You can sign up for this procedure with a beautician or squeeze black dots at home yourself.
  • Peeling and scrubs. They can be homemade (contain sugar, soda or fine salt) or purchased cosmetics. Removing black dots in this way is carried out both independently and in salons. It is recommended to carry out once or twice a week (for easy peeling), less often – for aggressive scrubbing.
  • Clogging strips. Sold in markets or made according to popular recipes based on gelatin.
  • Combined drugs. Medicinal gels containing anti-inflammatory components and antibiotics. It is cleaned from the inside, penetrating deep into the layers of the epidermis, thereby destroying harmful microorganisms.

Girl pushes black dots on her nose

How to clean at home

To get rid of acne and black spots without resorting to the help of a cosmetologist, there are several ways mentioned above. Squeezing is one of the safest and most effective. Stripes-plasters, scrubs and masks do not help right away. Mechanical cleaning allows you to remove most of the contaminants in one session. To do this, it is necessary to steam out the skin before the extrusion procedure, and in order to avoid inflammation, disinfect.

Steam baths

Boil water in a saucepan, add a couple of drops of essential oils, remove from heat, put the edges of the container with a towel, and keep your face above water for 10 minutes (no more!). To prevent infection, disinfect the skin with alcohol. You can also use salicylic acid for this purpose. In addition, they wipe the skin with hydrogen peroxide. Squeeze the black dots on the body and face gently, wrapping your fingers in sterile bandages or wearing gloves. If it doesn’t work out manually, take the ampoule from the handle, disinfect the end and press down the oil plug – it will come out faster.

Remedies for black dots on the face

Manufacturers of cosmetic products supply a huge amount of anti-clogged pore products to the markets. Different consistency, for certain types of skin, with various effects – they are used as an ambulance. Which of the means to choose, so as not to aggravate the situation, but gently cleanse the face? Is it true that only expensive drugs can cope with the problem?


Clean and Clear cleansers have good reviews of effectiveness. But the main drawback of the brand is the composition of lotions, which often causes allergies, so you need to use them carefully, after conducting a test for skin reaction. Another popular product is Propeller, produced by a domestic manufacturer. It is budgetary and efficient, but only in the early stages of the problem..

Black and White Dot Cleansing Lotion


The two most popular masks are black and white (there are different manufacturers). The first is based on activated carbon, the second is composed of soda. The effectiveness of the products is the same, but both have a major drawback – they dry the skin very much, therefore after their application it needs to be moisturized actively, and the mask needs to be washed off after 10 minutes of aging. It is also useful to use cosmetic clay – blue or white. Its main function is to dry the skin, therefore, with this mask you need to combine other methods of cleansing.


One of the most effective products on the market is Differin Cream. The active substance in the composition – retinoid adaptale – is able to remove comedones. The cream cleans the sebaceous glands well. The cost of the product is 600 rubles. A cheaper option is with the manufacturer already mentioned above. For 100 p. you can buy cream “Propeller”, in the form of foam. Its main advantage is hypoallergenicity..


“Clean line” with apricot kernels is a popular and effective budget product. Designed for normal skin. Owners of dry and sensitive recommended its softer version of the “Clean Line” with cranberry seeds and raspberry juice. Apricot kernels have been on sale for more than 15 years, the effectiveness is confirmed by hundreds of reviews. Judging by them, the “raspberry” scrub also does not lag behind in performance.

Pharmacy products

An effective way to remove contamination from the pores is to use a patch. This is a special fabric-based patch that is sold in pharmacies. The patch pulls the clogs to the surface, so after use they can only be wiped with a cotton swab. Before sticking the patch, the face needs to be steamed. Another pharmacy is tincture of calendula. Diluted with water 1: 1, used as a lotion.

Patch of black dots on the nose

Salon treatments

Using home remedies is a trial and error method. Without a special education, it is difficult to choose the ideal care for yourself. Therefore, many girls turn to salons. In order to clean the pores, the masters carry out the following procedures:

  • Mechanical cleaning. The same extrusion, only professional.
  • Ultrasonic A painless procedure that stimulates regeneration processes.
  • Vacuum Cleans the deepest dirt with a pressure tube. Life hack with an ampoule is a home analogue of this manipulation.
  • Chemical peeling. Removing comedones with fruit acids that dissolve blockages.
  • Vaporizer. Facial skin steaming.

Vacuum cleaning

It is carried out by a special tool that creates pressure. So, sebaceous plugs literally stretch out.

  • Benefit: Effectively cleans even the most severe blockages..
  • Contraindications: dry, sensitive skin, inflammation, dermatological lesions.
  • Process: before manipulation, the pores are opened with a vaporizer or the face is prepared with warming creams, then a vacuum tube is taken and carried out over the entire surface. The procedure takes up to an hour, the cleaning itself – 15-20 minutes. After manipulation, a soothing mask is applied..

Mechanical cleaning

Although this type of cleansing can be carried out at home alone, the effect of a professional procedure cannot be compared with it. Firstly, the masters use high-quality preparations for skin treatment, secondly, they remove the comedones carefully, using fingers and special tools for this..

  • Benefit: painstaking manual work guarantees the removal of all contaminants.
  • Contraindications: dermatitis, menstruation (inflammation will appear), sensitive skin, blood vessels close to the upper layer of the dermis.
  • Process: first, the face is washed with an antibacterial solution, then soothing and steaming ointments or gels are applied, or the pores are expanded with the help of the bath, after which they begin to extrude. The cleaning itself takes up to half an hour, the entire session is about 1.5-2. After extrusion, a pore-tightening mask is applied and performed with the Darsonval apparatus to accelerate skin healing.

Mask from black dots on the girl's face

Folk remedies

The basis of folk recipes is the use of herbs and products for cosmetic purposes. They make homemade masks and lotions against greasy plugs. Their main advantage: naturalness.

  • Protein mask. One protein is mixed with one tablespoon of sugar. Apply to face and leave to dry. Then a second layer is applied with patting movements, creating a stretching adhesive mask. Continue the manipulation until the substance stops sticking to the fingers. Wash off the mask, then moisturize the skin with cream. Repeat 3-4 times a week..
  • Means based on salt and soda. The substances are mixed 1: 1. Wet a cotton swab and dip into the mixture. They process comedones, easily rubbing the skin. Repeat once a week.
  • Kefir mask (for owners of oily and mixed skin). Lubricate the face with kefir, leave for up to 20 minutes. Then rinse off.
  • A mild cleanser for sensitive skin. A few drops of lemon juice are added to honey, applied to areas of the face where there are blockages, left for 10 minutes, washed off.

Prevention of occurrence

First, you need to carefully study the causes of comedones on the face and minimize their effect. Normalize nutrition, eliminate caffeine and alcohol. Secondly, you need to remember the main rule: as little as possible to touch the face with your hands. If inflammation appears on the skin, do not touch them, squeeze out only with disinfection. In addition, use the right cosmetics, provide regular care, wash your face in the morning and in the evening (only with a soft lotion, not soap, it dries).

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