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Many people who prefer healthy foods are interested in the question: talkan – what is it, where to buy, what are the benefits and harms? Reviews of people who consume talcan testify to the healing properties of the product – increased working capacity, tone, saturation of the body with microelements and vitamins.

What is talkan

Cereals have high nutritional value, and many delicious, wholesome dishes are prepared from them. A popular talkan is a product from sprouted grain of barley, oats, wheat, which is ground to a state of flour and used to make porridge, drinks, and other dishes.

The product “Talkan” has excellent taste and useful properties, thanks to the germinated grains that are part of. Initially, the product was barley, known as the main sowing crop in the settlements of Altai before the 19th century. In Khakassia, barley was called talkan and learned to cook hearty, light meals on its basis..

The benefits and harms of talkan

What is the benefit and harm of talkan? Cereal dishes are rich in fiber, dietary fiber, so their intake is recommended to improve digestion. The vegetable protein contained in large quantities in cereals is better absorbed by the body than the animal, and trace elements and vitamins help restore the energy spent and maintain health. The use of sprouted grains is useful, because the nutrients contained in them acquire a bioavailable form: amino acids are formed from proteins, glucose from starch.

The use of this healing flour helps to solve not only digestion problems, but also improves the condition of the skin, nails, hair. Its use helps to effectively cleanse the intestines, remove toxins, rejuvenating the body. Therefore, “Talkan” is recommended both for dietary, therapeutic nutrition, and everyday consumption by people leading an active lifestyle.

Potassium contained in flour improves the functioning of the heart and the cardiovascular system, normalizes the composition of the blood, helps to remove salts from the body, to dissolve cholesterol plaques. You should carefully use the product for people who are allergic, it is better to try the flour from sprouted grains in small portions. Flour contains a large amount of fiber, so the consumption of dishes from it can cause flatulence. It is necessary to refrain from taking the product with exacerbation of diseases of the stomach.

Talcan in a plate

Barley Talcan

The use of talcan barley is that the cooked broth contains a lot of mucus, which envelops the stomach, intestines, protecting against irritation. Contained in barley lysine, vitamin B3 perfectly affect the skin, participating in the metabolism of fats, proteins, amino acids, purines, tissue respiration. Women appreciated this, especially since the beneficial properties of barley are manifested in the regulation of the menstrual cycle, the reduction of the negative manifestations of menopause, and weight loss..

Wheat Talkan

No less popular is Talkan wheat, looking like ordinary cereal. Germinated wheat is a recognized record holder in the content of vitamin E, therefore, the product is indispensable for diseases associated with metabolism, including obesity. Often, wheat porridge from sprouted grains is produced with seasonings – cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, which not only improves its taste, but also increases useful functions. The high content of vitamin B contributes to the full functioning of the nervous system.

Tulcan for weight loss

Due to the high content of minerals, vitamins, fiber, talcan is used for weight loss. Properly prepared at home, dishes from sprouted grains will help improve motility, reduce hunger, and accelerate the recovery of muscle tissue. To reduce weight, the product is used according to this scheme: 1 tsp. dissolved in a glass of water, drink 30 minutes before meals.

The use of talcan for weight loss

How to use talcan

Doctors advise how to use talcan correctly – this is its raw. So beneficial substances are better absorbed, metabolic processes of the body are activated. Two teaspoons of the powder are mixed in a glass of water or kefir, the resulting thick drink is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. This breakfast or dinner is not high-calorie, contains only 295 kcal. To get rid of excess weight, doctors advise instead of a full breakfast and dinner to use cereal or a cocktail of cereals.

How to cook talcan

You can cook talcan in many ways, if desired, even delicious desserts are obtained. From barley mixture of medium grinding porridge Talkan is prepared:

  1. Boil 0.5 cups of water, slowly add 1.5 cups of cereal.
  2. Salt a little, cook until soft, the cereal will swell.
  3. If you are not preparing a dietary version of porridge, then add milk or cream, and in the finished porridge – butter.
  4. Leave porridge, wrapped in a towel for 5-10 minutes.

Altai tea is prepared from a barley mixture:

  1. In 100 ml of warm water add 1-2 tablespoons of the mixture.
  2. After brewing, let it brew for 5 minutes. Consume with honey or milk.

Altai tea

Reviews of doctors about Talkan

Professional reviews of doctors about talcan testify to the effectiveness of the effect of the product on metabolic processes, the gastrointestinal tract. Its general strengthening, vasodilating, anti-inflammatory properties make it possible to prescribe a product for therapeutic and prophylactic nutrition after illnesses. When dieting for weight loss, talcan is indicated for use instead of breakfast, dinner, mainly in raw form, diluted in water or kefir.

Talkan price

A comparison of prices for talcan indicates that this product can be bought from 135 to 150 rubles per package (400-500 grams). Product prices are higher in specialized eco-shops. Some manufacturers add additives and spices to the composition, which also slightly affects the cost:

Name of shop

Price (rubles)




No additives, 400 g

Russian roots


No additives, 400 g



With cinnamon, vanilla or anise, nutmeg, 400 g

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