How to adjust plastic windows yourself

Clients often turn to companies that sell plastic windows in order to replace a broken handle, install restraints and other services..

Plastic window fittings

Let’s try to find out the nature of breakdowns and how to cope with them yourself, without resorting to the help of a master, and save money.

It takes only five minutes and a Phillips screwdriver to install the lock handle. Installing a handle will be especially important in a home with small children. First, turn the plate at the base of the handle – this is necessary in order to see the bolts with which everything is attached to the sash. Then unscrew the screws to remove the old handle and replace it with a new one in the same way, already with a lock. It is done!

How to adjust the window

It happens that the handle gets stuck in the lower position, but do not be upset about this. This only means that the handle is stuck..

Let’s go in order: first of all, determine the brand of fittings, it can be found on a metal lock. The AUBI inscription tells us that we need to find a thin metal plate with a spring, it is located next to the handle.
Before resorting to drastic measures to disassemble the handle, simply push the plate to turn the handle. The handle may not return to its place, here it is important to pay attention to the position of the sash. The sash must be strictly upright. Align the handle, press the plate lightly, press it against the seal and turn the handle to the open position.

Adjusting the plastic window

The inscription may be different. In this case, try to find a metal tab slightly below the plate and at an angle to the frame. Let’s repeat the steps described above: press the tab, it should be parallel to the seal, turn the handle to the required position. It is necessary to remember about the possibility of a problem with thermal deformation of the window; this can happen with any hardware. If, after doing the above steps, you did not come to the expected result, look for the counterpart of the blocker on the frame, there should be a tongue.

To improve the adhesion of the frame mating element, you need to unscrew all the screws of the mating element and put something between it and the frame. This will unlock the handle..

It so happens that one fine day you feel that the handle has become worse to turn. Now you need to apply more strength, and sometimes it does not help to turn it to the end. What is the way out in this case? There can be two reasons: the sash is sagging or the lubricant has dried out, which is a common phenomenon associated with the passage of time. The second problem can be remedied by purchasing an automotive penetrating lubricant. Lubricate the inside of the fittings with it. If this does not help, remove the decorative caps from the hinges on the window and tighten the hinge screws.

Window handle adjustment

Having examined the strike-back strips on the frame, try to find the place where the roller on the sash begins to deform the striker. This can happen at the bottom, then lift the sash and insert the hex key into the lower loop, turn it clockwise.

And if at the top, then find the adjusting screw on the upper hinge, it shifts the sash horizontally.

Small drafts from the seal are eliminated using the eccentric method. For Roto fittings, the way out of this situation is as follows: insert the hex key into the counter plates in the frame and turn the movable element to any position.

How to adjust plastic windows yourself

Do not forget that in the summer you need to return the roller to its place, otherwise the seal will wear out faster.

Moving parts are easy to find in fittings from other manufacturers. They look like regular rollers with holes in the middle. At the edge of the roller, you can see a dot. So, the closer you turn this point to the sash seal, the tighter and more tightly the sash will be pressed.
Do not forget that in the summer you need to return the roller to its place, otherwise the seal will wear out faster.

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