Modern wooden windows

Nowadays there are many types of windows: plastic … But we got used to wooden windows since childhood. And they also began not to notice their shortcomings: poor sound insulation, sealing in winter, not very well-functioning fittings, frequent cosmetic repairs. But now the old wooden windows have been replaced by new, modern, excellent, wooden windows without the previous flaws.

Wooden replacement for plastic windows

Modern windows have retained their beauty, comfort, and at the same time have become sound and heat insulating. New methods of cleaning and treating wooden windows have made maintenance easier and longer service life. It became possible to use not only ordinary glass, but also a double-glazed unit, which improves the technical properties of windows. New fittings have become much more convenient; windows open in any direction.

The first thing in the process of making modern windows is the selection of wood and drying. After that, the lumber undergoes long-term processing..

Advantages of natural wood windows:

  1. Low heat and sound insulation.
  2. Ease of processing.
  3. Environmentally friendly.
  4. Beautiful appearance.
  5. Maintainability.


  1. Cracks, resin pockets in the wood.
  2. Possibility of decay and damage by microorganisms.
  3. The need for painting, etc..
  4. Flammability.

Modern wooden windows are produced in various sizes and shapes. They can be opened in almost any way. Water and moisture drainage technology prevents rotting. So, caring for wooden windows is not difficult..

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