How much to cook chicken liver until cooked in a pan

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The famous offal is rich in vitamins and, when cooked properly, has a very pleasant and delicate taste. With the liver you can make delicious warm salads, pastes, main dishes. Learn how to cook and how much time to cook chicken liver, and it will be an excellent substitute for meat in your usual menu..

How to make chicken liver deliciously

This healthy by-product is extremely beneficial for adults and children. It contains a large number of vitamins: D, B and A, which have a beneficial effect on human vision, on the condition of the skin, hair and the body as a whole. Boiled chicken liver is rich in protein, so it is often included in the diet of athletes and people who follow a diet. It is especially useful for young children..

Unlike pork, chicken liver is more tender, soft. The product is preparing very quickly: depending on the method chosen, it will be necessary to spend from 15 to 30 minutes. The liver goes well with vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Some housewives prefer to soak the offal in milk – so unpleasant bitterness goes away, and the boiled chicken liver becomes softer and juicier.

There are many recipes for cooking delicious dishes that include this product. For boiling you may need a pot, a double boiler or a pressure cooker. Hearty main dishes, mouth-watering snacks – all this can be done independently if you know the rules for handling a delicate product:

  • Storage of the liver must be carried out on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. This will allow the product to retain useful vitamins and substances longer, not to lose juice, density and nutrition..
  • It is better to defrost a piece at room temperature without using a microwave.
  • Before starting to cook the boiled liver, it must be washed, remove the layer of film and vein. If there are doubts about the quality or freshness, then it is strictly forbidden to use the product.

Raw chicken liver in a plastic tray

How to choose chicken liver

It is necessary to choose the product especially carefully, since the final taste of the finished dish will depend on this. Chicken liver should be light red, sometimes with a burgundy tint, have a pleasant smell. If a sharp aroma comes from a piece you like, spots are visible on the surface, then do not make a purchase. When choosing a frozen liver, you should pay attention to the amount of ice inside the package, the surface condition. If it is light, then the piece was frozen several times.

How much to cook chicken liver until cooked

The cooking time will depend on the chosen cooking method and the dishes that the hostess wants to see on her table. Basically, the time does not exceed 15 minutes. The more the product is subjected to heat treatment, the more it loses its beneficial properties. In addition, it can become tough and unusable. Then no addition as vegetable sauce, garnish or cream will save him.

Before starting the cooking process, the liver must be cut into pieces of medium size. Grinding the product is not necessary, it will not be juicy. If you do not know how much the chicken liver is cooked, then you can check the readiness of the offal using an ordinary fork. If after piercing a clear juice flows out of a piece, then it is completely ready. In the case when the liquid has a reddish tint, you need to leave the product to boil a little more.

For salad

Various cuisines of the world offer a large number of salads from boiled liver. In snacks, it goes well with carrots, onions, herbs and cream. If you do not know how to cook chicken liver for salad, then remember a simple sequence of actions:

  1. Defrost product.
  2. Clear of films, mucus.
  3. Chop offal into medium pieces.
  4. Boil quickly in a pan or slow cooker – no more than 15 minutes.
  5. Remove using slotted spoon and allow to cool..

Ready boiled chicken liver

For a child

A child up to a year is allowed to use the liver in the form of a paste, it should not contain large lumps. For this, the offal must be cooked in a saucepan over medium heat for about 15-20 minutes. The cooled piece is passed through a meat grinder, adding a small amount of butter. If you don’t know how to cook a baby’s chicken liver and how much to cook, then this method will help to feed your baby a delicious dish..

For paste

To make the paste especially tender, it is necessary to properly prepare the main ingredient. Cooking time for chicken liver does not exceed 15 minutes. If you have a large piece, then it is better to leave it to boil in water for a longer time. Finished offal should be grinded with fried carrots, onions. It remains to add black pepper, a slice of butter, and a natural delicious paste can be served to the table.

How to cook chicken liver

If you do not know how to prepare an offal, then the presented methods will help to cope with the task. To cook chicken liver, it must first be washed, cleaned of films. It is important that there are no traces of bile left on the surface, which can get into the offal if the chicken is not properly cut. Transfer to warm salted water, then cook for 15-20 minutes with spices.

In the pan

It is easiest to cook such a product in a pan. To do this, pour water into a container, add half a teaspoon of salt and place clean thawed chicken offal. Cook the liver in a pan for no more than 15 minutes, otherwise the offal will become stiff, it will lose its beneficial properties. If the piece is large, it is best to pre-check its readiness with a fork. Then remove from salt water, allow to cool.

Chicken liver in a pan before cooking

Steamed in a slow cooker

A versatile kitchen appliance will help to cook offal very quickly. Steamed chicken liver will cook for no more than 15 minutes. To do this, wash, cut the liver, then put it in the appropriate capacity of the multicooker. After that, pour water into another container and set the “Cooking” or “Soup” mode depending on the model of the device. After the sound signal of readiness to take out and allow to cool.

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