A delightful chic home project – a graceful solution to difficult terrain

Today you can learn about the private residence Tigertail designed by Patrick Tighe Arcitecture, and also see it in the photos below. This extraordinary 300 sq. ft2 located in the mountain town of Brentwood, California, USA.

An unusually shaped window in the Tigertail residence
Decorating the main entrance
Natural materials in the interior of the kitchen
Tigertail Residence
Unusually shaped pool at Tigertail Residence

The architecture of the building is the result of an attempt to blend as seamlessly as possible into the surroundings.

The peculiar two-story geometry of the house combined the details of an existing building on the site, the opening views, and the sturdy walls needed for security and privacy.

Curved lines frame the house and the flat walls and roof are an extension of the hilly terrain. The exterior is decorated with metal, while the interior is dominated by wood. As a result of invisible transitions, the wood seems to blur the boundaries between walls, ceiling and floor.

The design opens up fully with stunning views of the city and ocean, as well as the nearby Getty Center.

View of a residence from the north side

North side view

East side of residence

East side view

Section A floor plan diagram

Section A

Section C floor plan

Section C

Section D floor plan

Section D

Photos taken Art Gray Photography.

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