Building transformation by Bureau de Change Design Office, London, UK

This residence is in England, renovated in 2012 by a well-known interior design firm. The building had to be redesigned so that it would have its own individual character and at the same time not differ from neighboring houses. Visitors to the portal about modern design will be interested to know how the cottage looks like after the reconstruction.

Glass doors to the patio

Glass doors were placed in the back of the house, which lead to the courtyard, to the lawn.

Interior of a kitchen with sitting area
Kitchen work space

The working area of the kitchen has a partition on both sides, so as not to violate the integrity of the interior and to hide from prying eyes all its functionality. There are built-in lines of horizontal lamps on the ceiling. The dining room is located near the brick wall, the interior is created in a rustic style. The table is wooden, long, rectangular in shape, with a bench on one side and –dark wood chairs on the other.

Stairway to the second floor

Under the wooden staircase is a spacious three-leaf closet for storage.

The wide-format window of the private home
Bedroom interior in dark colors

Great interior The bedrooms are done in dark colors. Three large windows give good light to the room and can be closed with existing sashes if desired. A comfortable bed is decorated with pillows of different sizes and textures.

Architect Billy Mavropoulos: "By changing the plan, we radically transformed the flow of the neighboring cottages. The designers did not want to limit themselves to the old format and brought fresh ideas into the overall space of the family. One of the key elements was identifying a new "heart" for the building. It is created through a huge oak cabinet that stands at the junction of the old and new zones.

At the extremes of the wood, an open staircase is formed at right angles, leading to the upper floor. The newly remodeled space features a kitchen and dining area. The back wall had to be redone, too. This 11-meter facade has tall sliding glass doors that blur the boundaries between inside and outside. Skylights and openings are made around the edges with the same finishes and details.

We were very sensitive to the use of colors and materials to match the balance of the previous and current site of the villa. As a result, the mansion has acquired a unique character and unified history.".

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