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Change of ownership of a number can be performed in two ways. For the procedure to go as quickly as possible, two people must contact the mobile operator’s department – the real owner of the SIM card and the future. If this is not possible, check out the recommendations..

Can I reissue a SIM card

Registering a room with a new owner is very simple if both people contact the operator’s office. In this case, the procedure consists of three stages:

  • Employee checks applicants passports.
  • An application for reissuing a number is being drawn up.
  • Service is paid (cost – from 50 to 350 rubles).

Sometimes the owner of the SIM card cannot come to the office. Then the person needs to provide the company employee with documents confirming the fact that the owner of the number is not against renewal. In different cases, you will need:

  • passport;
  • power of attorney;
  • death certificate;
  • certificate of inheritance.

Sim card in hand

How to change the owner of a SIM card

Each mobile operator has its own requirements for renewing the number. For example, Beeline provides an opportunity to register a SIM card to a new owner without the presence of a real owner. Most other operators do not assume this responsibility. To get the latest and most comprehensive information, proceed as follows:

  • Visit the official website of the operator. If there is a function “Online consultation”, describe in detail the problem. During the day, the consultant will contact you and answer questions..
  • Call the mobile operator hotline.


The hotline telephone number is 0500. The owner needs to contact the branch where the contract was originally drawn up. If a person cannot visit the office, he must write a power of attorney in any Megafon salon or certify a document with a notary.

How is the re-issuance of a megaphone SIM card:

  • It is necessary to provide a passport of the new owner and documents of the former.
  • The amount in the account is not less than the monthly fee for all connected services plus 150 rubles for reissuing.
  • Renewal of the number occurs only in the presence of both parties or their representatives.

People sign documents


The telephone hotline is 0611. The operator provides the ability to change the owner of the number without the presence of the owner. Re-issuance of a Beeline SIM card is performed as follows:

  1. Visit the operator’s office with a passport. The procedure will be faster if you have any documents of the current owner.
  2. Make sure there is no debt on the number.
  3. Provide the operator with the date of the last 5 account replenishment, date and time of 10 incoming and 10 outgoing calls.
  4. Answer all incoming calls from Beeline.


The contact center number is 8-800-250-0990. You can register a SIM card with an operator only in the presence of both parties or their representatives. If a person decided to draw up a power of attorney, you need to assure her of a notary public. Features of renewal in MTS:

  • No debt in the account.
  • All funds on the SIM card are transferred to the new owner.
  • The cost of the service is debited from the personal account of the new user..

SIM cards MTS

Tele 2

The telephone hotline is 611. The operator provides the service for free. Documents required for re-issuing a SIM card in Body 2:

  • Any identity of the receiving and transmitting person.
  • Application for re-issuing a SIM card.
  • A power of attorney certified by a notary, representative’s passport (in the absence of one of the parties).
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